Tuesday, July 20, 2010

dun trust 'single' easily

Read below...

Single - some1 maybe coupled with someone but she/he is no really committed to... See More that relationship yet.. or that person is really single!

Complicated - I will assumed this people as 'taken' but not intended to admit it.. n they considered themselves as 'single'~ perhaps, she/he is got someone in her/his life. but she just confused bout that. or she/he doesn't like her/his mate anymore but still not break up. Or being ignored by their gf/bf for a long time.. n they still wait for their gf/bf.. or wait for the explanation~ It was 3 years ago when I started to notice Friendster’s trademark status category “it’s complicated”. I was amused and amazed at da same time to learn that such has been recognized universally perhaps and already accepted to describe ones relationship when 1 could not determine n caught between being single n bein in a relationship...

Engaged - Some couple used to show how closed they are with their soul-mate. Or they are really engaged with someone.

Married - Some couple used to show how 'serious' they are with their mate. Or they are in relationship with someone but not really intended to admit it.. then told everyone she/he put the status of 'married' just for fun* Or they are really married with someone!

Widowed - She/he maybe really sick bout their previous relationship. Or it's just a lie.. n they already got someone in their life.. but hide it as secretive person and tell the world she/he is not ready to fall in love again. hypocrite~

In relationship
- she/he is really happy with their current relationship and they belonged to someone for sure!!!

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p/s guess wut???

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